How Bobs Barricade Net Worth Reached $38 million? Here is the Reason

Bob’s Barricade, Inc. stands as a leader in temporary traffic control solutions. Privately owned by Happy Alter and Alan Chesler, the company is a major player in the barricade industry. With a strong focus on safety, quality products, and reliable service, Bob’s Barricades has grown to become one of the largest barricade companies globally. Its extensive experience and dedication are evident in its involvement in significant traffic control projects, making it a trusted name in the field.

Brand NameBob’s Barricades
FounderHappy Alter and Alan Chesler
Established In1975
ServicesConsumer Goods Rental and Providing Excellent Traffic control Service
HeadquartersSunrise, Florida
Operational AreasUnited States
Bob’s Barricades Net Worth$38 million (Last Updated August 2023)

Bobs Barricade Net Worth

Bob’s Barricade, Inc. holds a net worth of $38 million, standing as a prominent force in the temporary traffic control industry. With decades of experience and dedication to safety and quality, the company has established its financial stability while contributing significantly to the field of barricade solutions.

Bobs Barricade Founder

Bob’s Barricade, Inc. was co-founded by Happy Alter and Alan Chesler. Since its inception in 1975, under their leadership, the company has grown to become the largest privately owned barricade company in the US, providing essential temporary traffic control solutions with a focus on safety, quality, and reliable service.

Bob’s Barricade History

Bob’s Barricade, Inc. has a rich history dating back to 1975 when it was established by Happy Alter and Alan Chesler. Over the decades, the company has emerged as a leader in the barricade industry, specializing in temporary traffic control solutions.

With dedication to safety and quality, Bob’s Barricades has played a significant role in major projects such as the I-595 Corridor Roadway Improvement and the I-4 Connector. The company’s commitment to excellence earned it the distinction of being chosen for large-scale traffic control projects in Florida.

Under the continued leadership of Alter and Chesler, Bob’s Barricades remains a stalwart in the field, offering a vast array of barricade equipment and services to ensure the safety of contractors and motorists across the nation.

Bobs Barricade Revenue

Bob’s Barricade, Inc. has demonstrated steady growth with an annual revenue of $8.5 million. With a team of 150 dedicated employees, the company maintains a revenue per employee ratio of $56,980, reflecting its operational efficiency.

Notably, 2022 marked a significant milestone for Bob’s Barricades, achieving its peak revenue of $8.5 million. These financial metrics underscore the company’s success and its commitment to providing essential temporary traffic control services.

Bobs Barricade Services

Bob’s Barricade, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of temporary traffic control services and equipment. Their offerings include:

  • Barricade Rentals: Offering a wide variety of barricades, cones, drums, and signs to manage traffic flow and ensure safety in construction zones.
  • Signage Solutions: Providing clear and effective signage to guide motorists and pedestrians through work zones and hazardous areas.
  • Traffic Control Plans: Designing and implementing traffic control plans that adhere to industry regulations and ensure smooth traffic management.
  • Equipment Sales: Offering a selection of barricade equipment for purchase, catering to the needs of various projects and clients.
  • Night Owl Program: A unique service that uses special cards to indicate completed service on warning lights, ensuring accurate maintenance and signaling.
  • Expert Consultation: Leveraging their industry experience, the team offers consultation on traffic control strategies, helping clients optimize safety and efficiency.
  • Event Services: Providing temporary traffic control solutions for events and gatherings to manage traffic and pedestrian movement effectively.
  • 24/7 Availability: Ensuring round-the-clock support to address any emergencies or last-minute requirements.

With decades of experience and a commitment to safety, Bob’s Barricades offers reliable services that contribute to smoother traffic flow and increased safety in work zones and event locations.

Bobs Barricade Achievements

Bob’s Barricade, Inc. has garnered remarkable achievements in the field of temporary traffic control:

  • Industry Leadership: As the largest privately owned barricade company in the U.S. and one of the world’s largest, Bob’s Barricades has established itself as a leader in the traffic control industry.
  • Longevity: Operating since 1975, the company’s decades-long presence showcases its enduring commitment to quality, safety, and reliable service.
  • High-Profile Projects: The company has been selected for major traffic control projects in Florida, including the I-595 Corridor Roadway Improvement in Ft. Lauderdale and the I-4 Connector in Tampa, highlighting its expertise and capabilities.
  • Innovative “Night Owl” Program: The unique “Night Owl” program, utilizing special cards on warning lights to confirm completed services, demonstrates their dedication to ensuring job quality.
  • Impressive Fleet: Owning over two million equipment pieces deployed in significant projects like the I-4 Ultimate Project, Bob’s Barricades showcases its scale and commitment to delivering safety solutions.
  • Nationwide Impact: The company’s services span Florida and parts of Arizona, providing a wide coverage area to support traffic control needs.

These achievements underscore Bob’s Barricades’ reputation as a reliable and respected provider of temporary traffic control solutions.

Bobs Barricade Unknown Facts

Unknown facts about Bob’s Barricades, Inc.:

  • Founder Connection: The company’s name, “Bob’s Barricades,” was retained from its early days. While it wasn’t founded by someone named Bob, the name has a longstanding legacy and charm.
  • Founder’s Personality: Happy Alter, one of the owners and the Chief Executive Officer, earned his nickname “Happy” as a baby due to his constant smiling, a trait that has carried through to his business endeavors.
  • Multi-Generational Management: The company is co-owned and operated by Happy Alter and Alan Chesler. They’ve successfully managed Bob’s Barricades for over four decades, ensuring its growth and success.
  • Acquisition from Ryder: The company’s roots can be traced back to James A. Ryder’s ownership. Bob’s Barricades was initially a one-branch operation before expanding under the leadership of Happy Alter and Alan Chesler.
  • Safety-First Philosophy: The company’s primary focus isn’t solely financial gain; it’s dedicated to ensuring the safety of contractors and motorists through effective traffic control solutions.
  • Continual Growth: Despite limited information on its financial history, Bob’s Barricades has consistently grown and established itself as a significant player in the industry with a substantial fleet and prominent projects.


Who founded Bob’s Barricades, Inc.?

Bob’s Barricades was founded by Happy Alter and Alan Chesler, who have been operating the company for over four decades.

What is the net worth of Bob’s Barricades?

Bob’s Barricades net worth is estimated to be $38 million.

How many employees does Bob’s Barricades have?

The company has 150 employees.

What is the revenue per employee ratio of Bob’s Barricades?

The revenue per employee ratio for Bob’s Barricades is $56,980.

What are the key achievements of Bob’s Barricades?

Bob’s Barricades has been recognized for its role in major traffic control projects, including the I-595 Corridor Roadway Improvement in Ft. Lauderdale and the I-4 Connector in Tampa.

What sets Bob’s Barricades apart in the industry?

Bob’s Barricades is the largest privately owned barricade company in the country, with a focus on safety, reliable service, and quality products. It boasts a unique “Night Owl” program to ensure completed services and a commitment to sustainability.

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