Who is Brooke Riley? Biography and Net Worth

Brooke Riley is a widely recognized YouTuber, blogger, and accomplished author with a substantial and devoted following on her page, where she regularly shares original content. Alongside her creative pursuits, she holds the esteemed position of CEO and serves as the visionary founder of Re-Fabbed, a highly regarded hybrid DIY home decor enterprise.

With her Native American heritage, Brooke Riley’s birth name remains unchanged as Brooke Riley. Originally hailing from Hickory, KY, United States of America, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by establishing Re-Fabbed. Currently, she actively leads the company as its CEO.

Re-Fabbed functions as an online store that provides valuable business advice to established entrepreneurs as well as aspiring ones, enabling them to bolster their online presence. The guidance offered by Re-Fabbed contributes to the growth and creation of new opportunities for their respective businesses.

Brooke Riley Biography

Full Name Brooke Riley
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1988
Age 35
Birth PlaceHopkinsville, Kentucky
Height5ft, 4in
Weight51 kg
Nationality American
Profession(s)CEO of Re-Fabbed
Brooke Riley Net Worth$7 million (Last Updated July 2023)

Brooke Riley Net Worth

Brooke Riley is the esteemed founder and CEO of Re-Fabbed, an influential blog that revolves around DIY home décor, lifestyle, and travel. Additionally, she oversees an e-commerce store specializing in women’s clothing and accessories.

Drawing from her wealth of experience, Brooke generously provides coaching and professional guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, sharing valuable insights gained through her own entrepreneurial journey.

With her remarkable achievements, Brooke Riley has amassed an estimated net worth of $7 million. As a self-made entrepreneur, she stands proudly among the nation’s millionaires, exemplifying how her innovative ventures have redefined the essence of the American dream.

Brooke Riley Early Life & Education

Brooke Riley, a petite lady standing at 5 feet and 4 inches, was born on July 20, 1988, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She possesses a charming Southern accent and is the eldest of three siblings. Her brother Clint is 22 months younger, and their sister Elizabeth was born when Brooke was 16 years old.

During their childhood, the siblings primarily grew up in their hometown, with Brooke attending private Christian schools from 5th grade until she graduated high school in 2002.

Upon completing high school, Brooke applied to Murray State University, where she pursued a major in public relations and a minor in organizational communication. After obtaining her degree, she joined the West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative.

It was during her senior year in college that Brooke met Brandon, who later became her husband, and they tied the knot a few years down the road.

In her leisure time, Brooke enjoyed helping her husband, Brandon, with house flipping and interior decorating. However, at that time, she hadn’t yet explored the idea of using her talents for commercial purposes or sharing tips with others for learning and inspiration.

In 2015, everything changed when Brooke launched her blog. The purpose was to document and share her journey of renovating the house she and her husband had purchased in Mayfield, Western Kentucky. Little did she know that this venture would pave the way for her to become an influential figure in DIY home decor and lifestyle blogging.

Brooke Riley Professional Career

Re-Fabbed serves as a significant reflection of Brooke Riley’s personal journey. In her late 20s, Brooke faced a challenging ordeal when she experienced a mini-stroke caused by excessive stress. The burden of severe anxiety and consistent burnout began to take a toll on her health, prompting her to recognize the urgent need for a career change.

Taking a courageous step, Brooke made the decision to resign from her long-time, fixed-income position at West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative. She chose to fully focus on her blog and pursue her dreams wholeheartedly. However, her employer did not react positively to Brooke’s choice, responding with discouragement and suggesting that she wouldn’t be taken seriously, citing her petite stature as a reason.

Undeterred by the negative reaction, Brooke remained determined to follow her passion and forge her own path. Through Re-Fabbed, she not only found a creative outlet but also a platform to inspire others and share her valuable experiences and insights in the realm of DIY home decor and lifestyle.

Brooke Riley Social Media

Brooke Riley’s social media profiles are dedicated to fostering a close and intimate relationship with her audience. She firmly believes that consistent interaction is essential for keeping her followers engaged and connected. Her active presence on various platforms showcases her commitment to engaging with her audience effectively.

On Facebook, Brooke boasts an impressive following of around 43.9K dedicated followers. This platform allows her to share her content, thoughts, and updates, while also encouraging meaningful conversations with her community.

However, it is on Instagram where Brooke enjoys an even larger follower base, with approximately 111K followers. Through captivating visuals and insightful posts, she continues to captivate and inspire her audience on this popular social media platform.

Embracing the power of video content, Brooke maintains an engaging YouTube channel, which she launched on 18th February 2011. With 26.6K subscribers and videos garnering around 985k views, her channel serves as a creative outlet and a source of inspiration for her viewers.

Furthermore, Brooke showcases her creativity and DIY expertise on Pinterest, where she has amassed a strong following of approximately 113K followers. This platform allows her to curate and share a plethora of innovative ideas and projects with her engaged audience.

Through her active and influential presence on these social media platforms, Brooke Riley continues to solidify her position as the queen of DIY, connecting with her followers and leaving a positive impact on the DIY home decor and lifestyle community.

Brooke Riley Surprising Facts

  • Brooke Riley’s Multi-Talented Background: Before rising to fame as a successful YouTuber, blogger, and entrepreneur, Brooke Riley had a diverse background. She initially pursued a major in public relations with a minor in organizational communication at Murray State University, and after completing her degree, she joined the West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative. Her journey from a corporate job to becoming a renowned DIY expert is both inspiring and surprising.
  • Re-Fabbed’s Humble Beginnings: When Brooke Riley launched Re-Fabbed, her blog and online store, it started as a way to document and share her own home renovation journey with her husband, Brandon. It was born out of her passion for interior decorating and flipping houses during her free time. Over time, it evolved into a thriving platform that offers business advice and coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing Brooke’s entrepreneurial skills and versatility.
  • Overcoming Adversity: Brooke’s dedication and hard work have led to her accomplishments, but her path hasn’t been without challenges. At one point in her late 20s, she faced a mini-stroke due to stress and suffered from severe anxiety and burnout. This experience prompted her to make a career change and prioritize her well-being, which ultimately led her to focus on her passion for DIY and creating a fulfilling life.
  • Empowering Others: Beyond her success in the DIY home decor and lifestyle industry, Brooke Riley is committed to empowering others. Through her coaching and professional advice, she generously shares the lessons she learned from her own experiences, inspiring aspiring business owners to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination.
  • Strong Social Media Presence: Brooke Riley’s active engagement with her audience on various social media platforms is a key factor in her popularity. With a significant following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, she maintains an intimate connection with her community, consistently sharing her creative ideas and insights, and building a strong, loyal fan base.

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