How much Car Shield Earns? Lets find out their Net Worth

Car Shield, a leading US vehicle service contract provider, has revolutionized auto protection and service excellence. Founded in 2000, it offers comprehensive coverage for mechanical parts, distinguishing itself from conventional insurance. With an impressive track record of over $1 billion in claims payouts and coverage for more than 500,000 vehicles, Car Shield has become a trusted name in the industry. Under the leadership of co-founder Mark Travis. Car Shield is not just a provider; it’s a pioneer in automotive peace of mind.

Brand NameCar Shield
FounderMark Travis
Established In2000
ServiceAutoMobile Repairs
HeadquartersSaint Peters, Missouri
Operational AreasColorado, Arizona, Missouri, and Florida
Car Shield Net Worth$200-250 million (Last Updated August 2023)

Car Shield Net Worth

Car Shield boasts a robust financial standing, with an estimated net worth ranging between $200 to 250 million. This substantial net worth underscores its success as a prominent vehicle service contract provider in the United States, reflecting its significant market presence and successful business operations.

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Car Shield Founder

Mark Travis is the co-founder of Car Shield, a pioneering figure in the vehicle service contract industry. Established in 2000, Car Shield under his leadership revolutionized auto protection by prioritizing mechanical parts coverage.

Mark Travis played a pivotal role in the company’s growth, leading it to pay out over $1 billion in claims and insure numerous vehicles. His innovative vision and dedication have contributed significantly to Car Shield’s success and impact in the automotive sector.

Mark Travis Net Worth

Mark Travis, co-founder of Car Shield, boasts a substantial net worth of $210 million, a testament to his success in the vehicle service contract industry.

Car Shield History

Car Shield has a rich history of transforming the vehicle service contract industry. From its inception, the company aimed to redefine auto protection by focusing on mechanical parts coverage rather than traditional insurance.

Car Shield quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach, paying out over $1 billion in claims and insuring more than half a million vehicles. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction led to strategic expansions, including extended auto warranties for new and used vehicles.

Car Shield’s influence extended beyond service contracts, as it secured naming rights to the T.R. Hughes Ballpark, now known as Car Shield Field. Under the leadership of co-founder Mark Travis, Car Shield experienced remarkable growth.

This history reflects Car Shield’s dedication to innovation, excellence, and providing peace of mind to car owners across the United States.

Car Shield Competitors

Car Shield faces competition from several companies in the vehicle service contract and extended warranty industry. Some of its notable competitors include:

  • Endurance: Known for comprehensive coverage and flexible plans, Endurance offers protection for both new and used vehicles, including high-mileage and older models.
  • Protect My Car: Providing various coverage levels, Protect My Car offers plans for different budgets and vehicle types, along with additional benefits like roadside assistance.
  • Carchex: Carchex offers customizable plans and claims to cover a wide range of vehicle makes and models, focusing on providing peace of mind to vehicle owners.
  • Warranty Direct: With a long-standing presence in the industry, Warranty Direct provides extended warranty options for a variety of vehicles, emphasizing transparent and straightforward coverage.
  • Concord Auto Protect: Concord Auto Protect offers a variety of coverage plans and prides itself on customer service and simplicity in the claims process.
  • American Auto Shield: Providing various protection plans, American Auto Shield aims to meet the diverse needs of vehicle owners, offering both mechanical breakdown and wear-and-tear coverage.
  • Toco Warranty: Toco Warranty offers straightforward plans and claims to provide customers with reliable and hassle-free coverage for their vehicles.

These competitors, among others, contribute to a competitive landscape in the vehicle service contract market, each striving to offer unique benefits and options to consumers seeking extended coverage for their vehicles.

Car Shield Partnerships

Car Shield has forged notable partnerships and collaborations that have contributed to its brand visibility and market presence in the vehicle service contract industry:

  • T.R Hughes Ballpark: Car Shield secured naming rights to the T.R Hughes Ballpark in St. Charles County, renaming it as Car Shield Field. This partnership with the baseball stadium has enhanced Car Shield brand recognition and community involvement.
  • Mike Ditka: The company hired Hall of Famer Mike Ditka, a well-known figure in the sports world, as a spokesperson. His association with Car Shield has added credibility to the brand and expanded its reach to sports enthusiasts.
  • Auto Repair Facilities: Car Shield partners with a network of ASE-certified repair facilities. These partnerships ensure that customers have access to reputable and reliable repair services when needed.
  • Vehicle Dealerships: Car Shield collaborates with vehicle dealerships to offer extended auto warranty plans for both new and used vehicles. This partnership expands Car Shield distribution channels and provides customers with added protection options.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Car Shield has established affiliations with various online platforms and marketers, allowing them to promote Car Shield’s services and reach a wider audience.
  • Insurance Companies: Car Shield’s service contracts complement traditional insurance coverage by providing specialized protection for vehicle breakdowns and mechanical failures. This partnership adds value to insurance offerings for customers.
  • Online Marketplaces: Car Shield partners with online marketplaces to promote its service contracts, making it convenient for customers to explore coverage options while shopping for vehicles or related products.
  • Social Media Influencers: The company has engaged with social media influencers to promote its services and reach a younger, tech-savvy audience interested in vehicle protection and maintenance.

These partnerships have contributed to Car Shield market expansion, customer engagement, and overall brand positioning as a leading provider of vehicle service contracts.

Car Shield Achievements

Car Shield has achieved several milestones and accomplishments in the vehicle service contract industry, establishing itself as a prominent player in the market:

  • Largest Vehicle Service Contract Provider: Car Shield has earned the distinction of being the largest vehicle service contract provider in the United States, underscoring its extensive reach and customer base.
  • High Revenue Generation: With a focused marketing strategy and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Car Shield achieved significant revenue growth, totaling $146 million in 2016.
  • Expansion of Services: In addition to offering vehicle service contracts, Car Shield expanded its services to include auto repair service contracts, catering to a broader range of customer needs.
  • Prominent Partnerships: Car Shield secured the naming rights to the T.R Hughes Ballpark, renaming it as Car Shield Field. This strategic partnership enhanced the company’s visibility and brand recognition.
  • Innovative Marketing Approach: The company’s co-founder and leader, Mark Travis, successfully implemented an effective marketing mix, allowing Car Shield to reach and attract a diverse range of customers.
  • Diverse Coverage Plans: Car Shield’s service plans have filled coverage gaps left by extended warranties, providing customers with options to protect their vehicles against unforeseen breakdowns.
  • Substantial Claims Payout: Car Shield has paid out over $1 billion in claims, demonstrating its commitment to honoring its service contracts and supporting customers through covered repairs.
  • Positive Customer Perception: Car Shield’s CEO, Mark Travis, has received favorable ratings from employees and customers, reflecting effective leadership and customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive Industry Presence: Amid a competitive landscape, Car Shield has managed to stand out and compete effectively with other major players in the vehicle service contract industry.

These achievements showcase Car Shield dedication to delivering valuable protection and service to vehicle owners, establishing itself as a trusted name in the realm of extended vehicle coverage.

Car Shield Facts

  • Industry Leader: Car Shield is recognized as the largest vehicle service contract provider in the United States, standing as a dominant player in the automotive protection and warranty sector.
  • Diverse Coverage: Car Shield offers comprehensive coverage for mechanical parts of vehicles, a feature that sets it apart from traditional insurance policies that typically focus on collision and accident damages.
  • Extensive Claim Payouts: With over $1 billion paid out in claims since its inception, Car Shield has proven its commitment to providing prompt and reliable assistance to customers facing unexpected breakdowns and repairs.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Car Shield garnered attention by enlisting Hall of Famer Mike Ditka as its spokesperson, utilizing his reputation and influence to enhance its brand image and reach.
  • Strategic Partnerships: The company’s partnerships with prominent sports facilities, such as the naming rights acquisition for the T.R Hughes Ballpark (now Car Shield Field), have contributed to its growing visibility and reputation.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Car Shield’s service plans are designed to address coverage gaps left by extended warranties, ensuring that customers can continue to enjoy their vehicles without financial worry.
  • Wide Range of Policies: Car Shield offers extended auto warranties for both new and used vehicles, providing tailored coverage options to suit the diverse needs of car owners.
  • High Employee Ratings: CEO Mark Travis received positive employee ratings, highlighting his effective leadership and the company’s commitment to creating a positive work environment.
  • Contributions to the Industry: Car Shield’s innovative approach to vehicle protection and its substantial contributions to the automotive sector underscore its status as a forward-thinking and influential player in the market.


What is Car Shield?

Car Shield is the largest vehicle service contract provider in the United States, offering comprehensive coverage for mechanical parts of vehicles beyond standard warranties. It provides protection against unforeseen breakdowns and repairs.

How Does Car Shield Work?

Car Shield offers service plans that act as insurance against unexpected repair costs. When a covered repair is needed, customers can take their vehicle to an ASE-certified repair facility, file a claim, and pay a small deductible. Car Shield then covers the cost of the repairs.

What Sets Car Shield Apart from Traditional Insurance?

Unlike traditional auto insurance, which mainly covers collision and accident damages, CarShield focuses on mechanical breakdowns. It offers an extra layer of protection, ensuring that essential components of the vehicle are covered.

Who Founded Car Shield?

Car Shield was founded by Mark Travis, in 2000. Mark Travis is the CEO of the company.

What Makes Car Shield’s Partnerships Significant?

Car Shield has strategically partnered with well-known entities, such as acquiring the naming rights to the T.R Hughes Ballpark (now Car Shield Field), enhancing its brand visibility and community engagement.

What types of vehicles does Car Shield cover?

Car Shield offers extended auto warranties for both new and used vehicles, accommodating various makes and models to cater to the needs of a diverse customer base.

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