Who is Kara Goldin? Net Worth, Biography and Professional Career

Kara Goldin is a visionary entrepreneur and author, renowned for founding Hint Water and leading it to become a major player in the beverage industry. Her accidental journey from a “mom-on-a-mission” to a successful business leader has inspired many. With her book “Undaunted,” she shares her personal and professional insights, encouraging others to embrace challenges and pursue their dreams relentlessly.

Kara Goldin Biography

Full Name Kara Ellen Keenan
Nick Name Kara Goldin
Date of Birth1967
Birth PlaceMinneapolis, Minnesota
HusbandTheo Goldin
Nationality American
Profession(s)Entrepreneur, CEO of Hint Water
Kara Goldin Net Worth$150 million (Last Updated Aug 2023)

Kara Goldin Net Worth

Kara Goldin has achieved a remarkable net worth of $150 million through her entrepreneurial endeavors, notably as the founder of Hint Water. Her innovative leadership and dedication have propelled her success in the beverage industry, making her an influential figure in business and a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Kara Goldin Early Life

Kara Goldin, originally Kara Ellen Keenan, was raised in Tempe, Arizona, by her parents William and Kay Keenan. Her father held roles at Con-Agra and Armour & Company, while her mother worked at a local department store. As the youngest of five siblings, she moved to Scottsdale at three years old.

Kara pursued her education at Arizona State University, majoring in communications and minoring in finance, and successfully graduated in 1989. This solid foundation would set the stage for her remarkable journey as an entrepreneur and the eventual creation of Hint Water.

Kara Goldin Professional Career

After completing her education in 1989 at ASU, Kara Goldin moved to New York City and began her career at Time Inc. She advanced from executive assistant to managing airline circulation for Time Inc. publications. She later transitioned to advertising sales at CNN.

In San Francisco, Goldin worked for a start-up called 2Market, which was acquired by AOL. She played a significant role in growing AOL’s e-commerce business.

In 2005, she founded Hint Water as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, and the company gained popularity, even reaching Silicon Valley giants.

Goldin’s journey led her to create The Kara Network, a platform for entrepreneurs to share experiences. Her entrepreneurial spirit was sparked during her early job at a local toy store.

Kara Goldin Achievements

Kara Goldin achievements include:

  • Founder of Hint, Inc.: Kara founded Hint, Inc. in 2005, introducing Hint Water as a healthier alternative to sugary beverages.
  • Entrepreneurial Success: Under her leadership, Hint Water grew to become the largest non-alcoholic private beverage company in the US, with a net worth of $220 million.
  • Author: Kara authored the book “Undaunted,” sharing her journey as an entrepreneur and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.
  • Health and Wellness Advocate: Through Hint Water, Kara has promoted a healthier lifestyle by providing a natural, fruit-flavored water option and encouraging people to reduce sugary drink consumption.
  • Business Innovator: Kara’s innovative approach to providing a refreshing and healthy beverage option disrupted the beverage industry and attracted major clients like Google and Facebook.
  • The Kara Network: She created a platform for entrepreneurs to connect, share stories, and gain insights, fostering a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Recognition: Kara’s work has been recognized by various media outlets and organizations, highlighting her contributions to entrepreneurship and health-conscious living.

Kara Goldin Contributions

Kara Goldin has made significant contributions in several areas:

  • Health and Wellness: Through Hint Water, Kara has contributed to promoting healthier beverage choices by providing an alternative to sugary and artificially flavored drinks.
  • Entrepreneurship: Kara’s success as the founder and CEO of Hint, Inc. serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the possibilities of turning innovative ideas into thriving businesses.
  • Empowerment: Her book “Undaunted” and The Kara Network empower individuals to pursue their passions, overcome challenges, and create their own paths to success.
  • Innovation: By introducing a unique concept of fruit-infused water, Kara has contributed to beverage industry innovation, sparking a trend towards more natural and healthier drink options.
  • Community Building: The Kara Network provides a platform for entrepreneurs to connect, share experiences, and offer guidance, fostering a supportive community for those navigating the business world.
  • Corporate Wellness: Hint Water’s presence in workplaces, including tech giants like Google and Facebook, contributes to improving corporate wellness by offering a healthier hydration option for employees.
  • Philanthropy: Kara has actively supported charitable organizations and initiatives, leveraging her success to give back to the community and make a positive impact.
  • Female Leadership: As a successful female entrepreneur, Kara Goldin serves as a role model for women in business, encouraging gender diversity and leadership in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Kara Goldin Book

Kara Goldin has authored the book:

“Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters” – In this book, Kara shares her personal journey of entrepreneurship, offering insights, advice, and anecdotes to inspire readers to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges. She provides a candid look at her experiences in building Hint Water and offers practical guidance for those seeking to create their own path in business and life.

Kara Goldin Facts

Here are some facts about Kara Goldin:

  • Founder of Hint Water: Kara Goldin is the founder and CEO of Hint, a popular brand known for its flavored water products made from natural fruit essences.
  • Background in Tech: Before founding Hint, Kara had a background in technology and worked at companies like Time Inc., CNN, and AOL.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Advocate: Kara’s journey into entrepreneurship was inspired by her desire to live a healthier lifestyle and create a beverage alternative to sugary drinks. Hint Water was born out of her personal quest for better health.
  • High-Profile Clients: Hint Water gained popularity among high-profile tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, becoming a staple in their break rooms.
  • Author: Kara Goldin is the author of the book “Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters,” where she shares her entrepreneurial journey and provides advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • The Kara Network: She created The Kara Network, a platform for entrepreneurs to share their stories and insights, fostering a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Focus on Health and Wellness: In addition to beverages, Kara expanded the Hint brand to include other health-related products like sunscreen, aligning with her commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Kara’s entrepreneurial journey started at a young age when she worked at a local toy store, which she credits as the beginning of her path to entrepreneurship.
  • Recognition: She has been recognized and featured in various media outlets and publications for her achievements as an entrepreneur and her contributions to the health and wellness industry.
  • Advocate for Women in Business: Kara Goldin is an advocate for women in business and often speaks about the challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs.
  • Philanthropy: She is involved in various philanthropic efforts, supporting causes related to health, education, and women’s empowerment.
  • Family Life: Kara is a mother of four and balances her entrepreneurial pursuits with her family life.
  • Health-Conscious Lifestyle: Her personal commitment to a health-conscious lifestyle aligns with her brand’s mission to provide healthier beverage options to consumers.
  • Innovative Products: Under her leadership, Hint has introduced innovative products that cater to consumers seeking natural and healthy alternatives to traditional beverages.
  • Entrepreneurial Resilience: Kara’s journey reflects her resilience in overcoming challenges and doubts to build a successful brand that resonates with health-conscious consumers.


What is Kara Goldin known for?

Kara Goldin is best known as the founder and CEO of Hint, a company that produces flavored water made with natural fruit essences. She is also an advocate for health and wellness and has authored the book “Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters.”

What inspired Kara Goldin to start Hint?

Kara Goldin’s inspiration to start Hint came from her personal journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Frustrated with the lack of healthy beverage options, she decided to create her own naturally flavored water, which eventually became the foundation of Hint.

What is “Undaunted,” Kara Goldin’s book, about?

“Undaunted” is Kara Goldin’s memoir that chronicles her entrepreneurial journey and how she overcame doubts and challenges to build Hint into a successful brand. The book also provides insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

How did Kara Goldin transition from the tech industry to the beverage industry?

Before founding Hint, Kara Goldin worked in technology and held positions at companies like Time Inc., CNN, and AOL. Her desire to live a healthier lifestyle and address her own struggle with sugary drinks led her to start Hint as an alternative to traditional beverages.

What is The Kara Network?

The Kara Network is a platform created by Kara Goldin to provide a space for entrepreneurs to share their stories, experiences, and insights. It serves as a community for like-minded individuals to connect and learn from one another.

What is Kara Goldin’s mission beyond Hint Water?

Beyond Hint Water, Kara Goldin is an advocate for health and wellness. She continues to innovate by introducing new products under the Hint brand that align with her commitment to promoting healthier choices. She also uses her platform to support causes related to education, women’s empowerment, and philanthropy.

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