What is Shriners Hospital Net Worth?

Shriners Hospital a subsidiary of The Shrine fraternal organization, operates 22 specialized hospitals across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Founded in 1922, these nonprofit hospitals provide exceptional medical care, primarily in orthopedics, burns, and spinal cord injuries, to children under 18 at no cost. Shriners Hospitals continue their mission to improve the lives of young patients and conduct vital research to advance pediatric medical knowledge.

Brand NameShriners Hospital
FounderFreeland Kendrick
Established In1922
ServicesExceptional Medical Care, Primarily in Orthopedics, Burns, and Spinal Cord Injuries
HeadquartersTampa, Florida
Shriners Hospital Net Worth$3 billion (Last Updated August 2023)

Shriners Hospital Net Worth

Shriners Hospital holds a substantial net worth of $3 billion, a testament to their enduring commitment to pediatric healthcare. This significant financial foundation empowers them to provide exceptional medical services and support groundbreaking research, ensuring a brighter future for children in need of specialized care.

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Shriners Hospital Founder

Freeland Kendrick, founder of Shriners Hospital and a Past Imperial Potentate, ceremoniously dedicated the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital. His enduring commitment to children’s well-being and his pivotal role in establishing the hospital network showcase his philanthropic legacy.

Shriners Hospital History

Founded in 1922, Shriners Hospital emerged from a visionary resolution at the 1920 Imperial Session of the Shriners, proposed by W. Freeland Kendrick. The first hospital opened in 1922 in Shreveport, Louisiana, focusing on pediatric orthopaedic care.

Over the years, the organization expanded its mission, establishing pediatric burn hospitals and collaborating with military commands to aid children globally. Despite economic challenges, the Shriners remained steadfast, gaining public admiration and ranking as a top charity.

In recent times, the hospitals evolved, rebranding as Shriners Children’s to align with modern healthcare trends, emphasizing outpatient care and continuing their commitment to children’s well-being.

Shriners Hospital Treatments

Shriners Hospital offer a comprehensive range of specialized pediatric orthopaedic treatments, addressing conditions like scoliosis, clubfoot, hip dysplasia, and cerebral palsy. They provide tailored spinal cord injury rehabilitation for children and adolescents, featuring adventure programs, aquatherapy, and more.

Some hospitals offer burn care, treating burns and skin conditions, while others focus on craniofacial conditions. Shriners’ Sacramento hospital stands out by specializing in burns, orthopaedics, and spinal cord injuries, with in-house research and development facilities.

Transportation is often arranged for patients and their families. The hospitals not only provide care but also contribute to research and medical education for various healthcare professionals.

Shriners Hospital Competitors

Shriners Hospital provides specialized pediatric care in various medical areas, and while its unique mission and focus on charitable care set it apart, there are other healthcare institutions that offer similar services and compete in certain aspects. Some of Shriners Hospital potential competitors include:

  • Children’s Hospitals: General children’s hospitals and medical centers that provide comprehensive pediatric healthcare services, including orthopaedics, burns, and specialized surgeries.
  • Pediatric Specialty Hospitals: Hospitals specializing in specific pediatric areas, such as orthopaedics, burns, spinal cord injuries, and rehabilitation.
  • Research Universities: Academic medical centers with research and treatment programs focused on pediatric conditions, often collaborating with medical schools and research institutions.
  • Rehabilitation Centers: Facilities specializing in pediatric rehabilitation and therapy, offering services for children with orthopaedic, neuromuscular, and developmental conditions.
  • Nonprofit Medical Centers: Other nonprofit hospitals and medical facilities that offer pediatric care and may have specialized departments for orthopaedic treatments, burns, and related areas.
  • Private Pediatric Practices: Specialized private medical practices that focus on treating pediatric orthopaedic conditions, burns, and related health issues.
  • Government-funded Hospitals: Public hospitals or healthcare institutions that provide pediatric care in specific medical areas, often serving low-income families.
  • Telemedicine and Online Services: Virtual healthcare platforms and telemedicine services that offer consultations, guidance, and remote treatment options for pediatric patients.

Shriners Hospital Achievements

Shriners Hospital has achieved numerous significant milestones and accomplishments since its founding:

  • Specialized Pediatric Care: Shriners Hospitals has provided specialized care to countless children with a wide range of orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and other medical needs.
  • Pioneering Burn Care: The organization established burn care units and hospitals, becoming a leader in pediatric burn treatment and rehabilitation, significantly improving survival rates and quality of life for burn survivors.
  • Orthopaedic Advancements: Shriners Hospitals has been at the forefront of orthopaedic treatments, including limb lengthening, scoliosis correction, and innovative procedures to improve mobility and quality of life for children with musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Craniofacial Expertise: Several hospitals within the network have excelled in treating craniofacial conditions, including cleft lips and palates, providing comprehensive care and surgeries to improve facial function and appearance.
  • Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation: Shriners Hospitals offers specialized rehabilitation programs for children with spinal cord injuries, focusing on maximizing mobility, independence, and overall well-being.
  • Research and Innovation: The hospitals have conducted groundbreaking research in pediatric orthopaedics, burns, and spinal cord injuries, contributing to advancements in medical knowledge and treatment techniques.
  • Mayo Clinic Collaboration: Shriners Hospitals joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network, enhancing collaboration and access to specialized medical expertise for improved patient care.
  • Patient-Centered Approach: The hospitals’ patient-centered care approach emphasizes not only medical treatment but also psychosocial support, education, and holistic well-being for patients and their families.
  • Global Outreach: Shriners Hospitals has extended its reach beyond the United States, collaborating with military commands, foreign governments, and international organizations to provide medical care and expertise to children worldwide.
  • Philanthropic Impact: Shriners Hospitals’ commitment to providing care regardless of a family’s ability to pay has positively impacted countless lives, alleviating financial burdens and improving the health and futures of children.
  • Educational Initiatives: The hospitals contribute to the education of medical professionals, offering training opportunities for physicians, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare practitioners, thus furthering expertise in pediatric care.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Shriners Hospital advocacy efforts have raised awareness about the medical needs of children and the importance of specialized pediatric care, promoting positive change in healthcare policies and practices.

Overall, Shriners Hospital has made remarkable strides in pediatric healthcare, making a lasting difference in the lives of children and their families through compassionate, innovative, and expert medical care.

Shriners Hospital Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Shriners Hospital:

  • Founding: Shriners Hospitals for Children was founded in 1922 with the opening of its first hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • Network: The organization operates a network of 22 hospitals across North America, specializing in pediatric orthopaedics, burns, spinal cord injuries, and other medical needs.
  • Nonprofit: Shriners Hospitals for Children is a nonprofit organization, providing medical care to children regardless of their family’s ability to pay.
  • Treatment Areas: The hospitals provide specialized care for a wide range of conditions, including scoliosis, limb discrepancies, clubfoot, burns, cerebral palsy, and more.
  • Burn Care Pioneers: Shriners Hospitals is known for pioneering pediatric burn care and rehabilitation, significantly improving outcomes for burn survivors.
  • Craniofacial Expertise: Some hospitals within the network specialize in treating craniofacial conditions, such as cleft lips and palates, providing comprehensive care and surgeries.
  • Research Focus: The organization is involved in research related to pediatric orthopaedics, burns, and spinal cord injuries, contributing to medical advancements.
  • Mayo Clinic Collaboration: Shriners Hospitals for Children is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, enhancing collaboration and expertise sharing.
  • Global Outreach: The organization collaborates with military commands, foreign governments, and international organizations to provide medical care and expertise globally.
  • Patient-Centered Care: Shriners Hospitals prioritize not only medical treatment but also psychosocial support, education, and overall well-being for patients and families.


What is Shriners Hospital?

Shriners Hospital is a network of nonprofit medical facilities dedicated to providing specialized pediatric care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and other medical needs. The hospitals offer treatment, rehabilitation, research, and education to improve the lives of children and their families.

Who is eligible for care at Shriners Hospitals?

Shriners Hospitals provide care to children under the age of 18 (and sometimes up to 21) regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Children with a wide range of medical conditions, such as scoliosis, cleft lips and palates, burns, and neuromuscular disorders, may be eligible for treatment.

How is care at Shriners Hospitals funded?

Shriners Hospitals are funded through a combination of philanthropic donations, endowment funds, and community support. The organization’s commitment to providing free medical care is supported by Shriners International members, fundraisers, donations, and partnerships.

Where are Shriners Hospitals located?

Shriners Hospitals for Children operates a network of 22 hospitals across North America. These hospitals are strategically located to provide accessible and specialized care to children and families in various regions.

What services do Shriners Hospitals offer?

Shriners Hospitals offer a comprehensive range of services, including medical and surgical treatments, rehabilitation, therapy, psychological support, and education for patients and families. The hospitals are equipped with specialized facilities and a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

How can I support Shriners Hospital?

There are several ways to support Shriners Hospitals, including making donations, participating in fundraising events, volunteering, and advocating for pediatric healthcare. Donations directly contribute to providing free care to children in need, and volunteers play a vital role in enhancing the hospital experience for patients and families.

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