Who is Simon Servida? Net worth, Biography and Career

Simon Servida, a talented producer/composer from Toronto, discovered his passion for music at a young age. Starting with piano at 7, he later delved into music production and studied composition at the University of Guelph. His YouTube channel, launched in 2017, focuses on FL Studio tutorials, music theory, and production techniques. Providing valuable insights and sharing his extensive knowledge, Simon has become a prominent figure in the music production community, contributing to the growth of aspiring producers.

Simon Servida Biography

Full Name Simon Servida
Birth PlaceToronto
Nationality Canadian
Profession(s)Producer, Composer, and Musician
Simon Servida Net Worth$110,000 (Last Updated Aug 2023)

Simon Servida Net Worth

Simon Servida has accumulated a net worth of $110,000 through his successful career as a producer and composer. His talent, dedication, and contributions to the music industry have not only brought him recognition but also financial success in the realm of music production and content creation.

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Simon Servida Early Life

Simon Servida, hailing from Toronto, initiated his musical journey by delving into piano lessons at just 7 years old. This early exposure catalyzed a fervent passion for music, propelling him to venture into production at 14.

As he matured, he pursued formal education in music composition at the University of Guelph. This groundwork paved the way for his emergence as a notable producer and composer.

Embracing his innate talent and formal training, Simon embarked on a career that resonates with his early musical roots while allowing him to make a significant impact in the music industry.

Simon Servida Career

Simon Servida, a talented producer and composer from Toronto, Canada, has crafted a remarkable career in music. Beginning as a pianist at 7, he transitioned to production at 14 and later studied music composition at the University of Guelph.

His YouTube channel, created in 2017, serves as a platform to share his expertise in FL Studio, music theory, and production. This channel significantly shaped his career trajectory, allowing him to impact a global community of music enthusiasts.

Simon’s proficiency in translating musical ideas to FL Studio sets him apart, while his energetic and insightful tutorials have garnered a substantial following. He remains dedicated to enriching the music production landscape, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring producers and creators worldwide.

Simon Servida YouTube Channel

Simon Servida YouTube channel, established in July 2017, is a hub for music producers and enthusiasts. Focused on FL Studio tutorials, music theory, and production insights, the channel has become a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their music-making skills.

Having 717k subscribers, 268 videos and 81 million views. Simon’s engaging teaching style and in-depth content have garnered him a strong following in the music production community. His channel has played a pivotal role in sharing knowledge, fostering creativity, and connecting with fellow music creators from around the world.

Simon Servida Music Composition and Album

Simon Servida music compositions and albums reflect his creativity, talent, and passion for music production. One of his notable albums is “Skyline,” released in 2020. The album features a collection of tracks that blend electronic and hip-hop influences, showcasing Simon’s versatile production skills.

One of the standout tracks from the album is the title track “Skyline.” The song captures a dynamic and energetic vibe, characterized by its captivating melodies, intricate beats, and atmospheric soundscapes. Simon’s use of electronic elements and innovative production techniques gives the track a modern and distinct sound.

Throughout the album, Simon demonstrates his ability to create immersive sonic experiences, combining various genres and textures to craft a unique musical journey. “Skyline” serves as a testament to Simon Servida prowess as a composer and producer, and it continues to resonate with listeners who appreciate his signature style and artistic vision.

Simon Servida Contributions

Simon Servida Contributions to the Music Industry:

  • Early Passion: Introduced to music at a young age, started playing piano at 7 years old, which later developed into a deep passion for music.
  • Music Production: Began producing music at 14 years old and gained extensive experience with FL Studio, a digital audio workstation.
  • YouTube Channel: Created a YouTube channel in 2018 to share tutorials on FL Studio, music theory, and music production techniques.
  • Educational Platform: The channel serves as an educational platform, catering to both beginners and experienced producers seeking to enhance their skills.
  • Empowerment: Simon’s tutorials have empowered numerous individuals to navigate the complexities of music production, fostering growth and creativity.
  • Composer: Released an album titled “Skyline,” showcasing his ability to blend genres and create captivating compositions.
  • Innovative Approach: Known for innovative compositions that contribute to the electronic and hip-hop music scenes.
  • Creative Impact: Simon’s work has had a lasting impact on aspiring musicians and producers, inspiring them to explore their musical creativity.
  • Sharing Expertise: Through his tutorials and original music, he has shared his expertise, helping others embark on their musical journeys.
  • Community Building: Contributed to building a supportive community of music enthusiasts eager to learn and create through his tutorials and content.

Simon Servida Unknown Facts

  • Multi-Instrumentalist: Besides being skilled in piano and digital music production, Simon Servida is also proficient in playing the guitar and drums.
  • Self-Taught: He acquired much of his music production knowledge through self-learning, online resources, and experimentation.
  • College Major: Simon studied computer science during his time at the University of Guelph, showcasing his diverse interests beyond music.
  • Unique Sound Design: His music is characterized by distinctive sound design elements, often blending unconventional sounds to create unique textures.
  • Sample Library Creation: Simon has developed his own sample libraries, contributing to the music production community’s toolkit.
  • Collaborations: He has collaborated with other artists in the industry, creating tracks that showcase his versatility and adaptability.
  • Canadian Roots: Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Simon Servida represents the thriving electronic music scene of his country.
  • Patreon Platform: Simon offers exclusive content and tutorials to his Patreon supporters, fostering a more intimate learning environment.
  • Creative Vlogs: Alongside his music production content, he occasionally shares vlogs that give viewers a glimpse into his daily life and creative process.
  • Music Business Insights: Simon occasionally provides insights into the music business, helping aspiring musicians navigate the industry’s intricacies.


Who is Simon Servida?

Simon Servida is a producer, composer, and musician from Toronto known for his music production tutorials, YouTube channel, and innovative sound design.

What is Simon Servida’s YouTube channel known for?

Simon’s YouTube channel is renowned for its music production tutorials, especially focused on FL Studio, helping aspiring producers learn essential techniques and improve their skills.

What kind of music does Simon Servida create?

Simon creates electronic music with a unique blend of genres, incorporating elements of hip-hop, trap, and experimental sounds into his compositions.

Has Simon Servida released any albums?

Yes, Simon Servida has released music albums, including “Skyline” in 2020, showcasing his skills in music composition and electronic production.

What is Simon Servida’s approach to music production?

Simon emphasizes creative experimentation, blending various sound sources, and using unconventional techniques to create his signature sound.

How can I access Simon Servida’s exclusive content?

Simon offers exclusive content, tutorials, and insights through his Patreon platform, providing a deeper learning experience for his supporters.

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