What is Skiplagged Net Worth? Story of Their Success

Skiplagged is an innovative online travel agency and metasearch engine that revolutionized the way travelers book flights and hotels. Founded in 2013 by Aktarer Zaman, the platform gained widespread popularity for its unique approach to finding hidden city ticketing options.

Skiplagged helps users discover more affordable travel options by identifying cheaper fares through unconventional routes. By leveraging this tactic, travelers can save money on their trips, making it a go-to resource for budget-conscious adventurers.

With its user-friendly interface and cost-saving strategies, Skiplagged has become a trusted tool for millions of travelers seeking to explore the world without breaking the bank.

Brand NameSkiplagged
FounderAlbert Preciado
Established In2013
ProductsOnline Travel Agency
HeadquartersNew York
Operational AreasAmerica
Skiplagged Net Worth$35 million (Last Updated August 2023)

Skiplagged Net Worth

Skiplagged, the popular online travel agency and metasearch engine, has an estimated net worth of $35 million. Founded by Aktarer Zaman in 2013, the platform gained significant attention for its innovative approach to finding hidden city ticketing options, helping travelers save money on flights and hotels.

Skiplagged Founder

Aktarer Zaman is the founder of Skiplagged, an online travel agency and metasearch engine known for popularizing the concept of hidden city ticketing in the travel industry.

Hidden city ticketing is a strategy where travelers book flights with layovers at their desired destination, instead of booking direct flights, to save on costs.

Zaman’s innovative approach to finding cheaper flight options gained significant attention and controversy from airlines and other travel agencies.

Despite facing legal challenges from United Airlines and Orbitz, Skiplagged continues to offer travelers alternative options for affordable airfares and hotel bookings.

Skiplagged History

Skiplagged was founded in 2013 by Aktarer Zaman, a computer science student at the time. The idea for the website came about when Zaman realized that booking a flight with a layover at his intended destination was often cheaper than booking a direct flight.

He saw an opportunity to help other travelers save money on airfare by popularizing the concept of hidden city ticketing.

In 2014, Skiplagged gained widespread attention and popularity, attracting millions of users to the platform. However, the website also faced legal challenges from United Airlines and Orbitz, who alleged that hidden city ticketing violated their terms of service and interfered with their pricing strategies.

Despite the legal battles, Skiplagged continued to operate and gained support from travelers who appreciated the cost-saving benefits of the service.

Over the years, Skiplagged expanded its offerings beyond hidden city ticketing to include a metasearch engine for booking flights and hotels.

The website’s user-friendly interface and ability to find affordable travel options have made it a go-to platform for budget-conscious travelers seeking the best deals.

Skiplagged remains a disruptor in the travel industry, providing innovative solutions for travelers looking to save money on their journeys.

Skiplagged Competitors

Skiplagged faces competition from various other online travel agencies and metasearch engines that offer flight and hotel booking services. Some of its key competitors include:

  • Expedia
  • Kayak
  • Priceline
  • Orbitz
  • Travelocity
  • Google Flights
  • Momondo
  • CheapOair
  • Hipmunk
  • Hopper

These companies provide similar services and cater to travelers looking for the best deals and options for their trips. Skiplagged’s unique focus on hidden city ticketing sets it apart from many competitors, offering a distinctive approach to finding cost-effective travel solutions.

Skiplagged Achievements

Skiplagged has achieved significant recognition and impact in the travel industry for its innovative approach to finding hidden city flight deals. Some of its notable achievements include:

Popularizing Hidden City Ticketing: Skiplagged gained fame for introducing and popularizing the concept of hidden city ticketing, which allows travelers to find cheaper flights by booking indirect routes and not completing the final leg of the journey.

Media Coverage: Skiplagged received widespread media attention from major news outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, Forbes, and others, which further increased its visibility and user base.

User Base Growth: The platform’s user base has steadily grown over the years, attracting travelers seeking cost-effective travel options and unique flight deals.

Positive User Reviews: Skiplagged has garnered positive reviews from users who appreciate its ability to find money-saving flight options and its straightforward interface.

Awards and Recognition: While specific awards may vary, Skiplagged has been recognized by various travel-related organizations and websites for its innovative approach to flight search.

Skiplagged Facts

Here are some facts about Skiplagged:

  • Founder: Skiplagged was founded by Aktarer Zaman in 2013.
  • Hidden City Ticketing: Skiplagged gained popularity for its focus on hidden city ticketing, a controversial travel strategy where travelers book flights with layovers in their intended destination to save money.
  • Lawsuit by Airlines: Skiplagged faced a lawsuit by major airlines, including United Airlines and Orbitz, for its hidden city ticketing practices. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed in 2015.
  • Free Travel App: Skiplagged offers a free travel app that allows users to search for flights and hotel deals.
  • Metasearch Engine: Skiplagged acts as a metasearch engine, aggregating flight and hotel information from various sources to provide users with the best deals.
  • Consumer Advocacy: Skiplagged claims to advocate for consumer rights and transparency in the travel industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Skiplagged?

Skiplagged is an online travel agency and metasearch engine that helps users find hidden city ticketing options to save on flights and hotel bookings.

How does hidden city ticketing work?

Hidden city ticketing involves booking a flight with a layover in your desired destination, but not completing the entire itinerary. This can sometimes result in cheaper fares than direct flights.

Is hidden city ticketing legal?

Hidden city ticketing is a controversial practice, and some airlines prohibit it in their terms and conditions. While it’s not illegal, airlines may take action against travelers who consistently use this strategy.

Does Skiplagged guarantee the best prices?

Skiplagged provides a metasearch service, aggregating flight and hotel deals from various sources. While it aims to find the best options, prices can vary and are subject to change.

Can I book hotels through Skiplagged?

Yes, in addition to flights, Skiplagged allows users to search for and book hotel accommodations at competitive rates.

Are there any risks associated with hidden city ticketing?

Using hidden city ticketing can have risks, such as missing connecting flights or facing penalties from airlines. It’s essential to understand the implications before using this strategy.

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