Who is Damon Oates? Net Worth and Biography

Damon Oates is a well-known and experienced owner in the professional coaching and training industry. With a demonstrated track record, he has excelled in areas like oil, gas, cost engineering, recovery strategy, and contract management. His expertise and unique approach to being creatively entrepreneurial have contributed to his success in the business world.

As a native American from Iowa, Louisiana, USA, Damon Oates has made a significant impact in his field and continues to inspire and help others through his coaching and training endeavors. His passion and dedication have earned him a reputation as a popular trainer and owner, and he continues to make a positive difference in the professional community.

Damon Oates Biography

Full Name Damon Oates
Date of BirthNo Info
Age 40
Birth PlaceIowa, Louisiana
Height6ft, 1in
Weight81 kg
Nationality American
Profession(s)Online Coach & Engineer 
Damon Oates Net Worth$4-8 million (Last Updated July 2023)

Damon Oates Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $4 million to $8 million, Damon Oates has achieved significant success in his career. He primarily generates his income through various online platforms such as social media, websites, and online courses, showcasing his expertise in coaching and engineering.

In addition to his online presence, Damon Oates co-hosts a popular podcast titled “Makers Mean Business with Damon Oates and Parker Stelly of DecoExchange,” where he and his co-host discuss topics related to business, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

His ability to leverage digital platforms and share his knowledge and expertise through online courses and podcasts has contributed to his prominence as a professional in the coaching and engineering industries. Damon Oates continues to inspire and educate his audience through his online endeavors, making a positive impact in the business community.

Damon Oates Early Life & Education

Damon Oates was born in the United States to parents who were not very wealthy, leading to a challenging financial situation during his childhood. To support his education and college fees, he had to take on responsibilities and work hard from a young age.

Later in life, Damon Oates decided to migrate to another town to advance his career opportunities. He shared a close bond with his brothers during their childhood, which has remained strong over the years.

Damon Oates has been married for a long time, and he and his spouse have a small number of children who all carry his surname.

His educational pursuits began from the comfort of his own home, where he laid a solid academic foundation. He completed his pre-school education and then attended secondary school. After high school, he pursued a college education, taking college courses that provided valuable experience in his working life.

Throughout his educational journey, Damon Oates continued to learn and gain knowledge, pursuing several degrees from different sectors, which contributed to his success and current position.

His determination, hard work, and dedication to education and personal growth have played a significant role in shaping his career and accomplishments as a professional online coach and engineer.

Damon Oates Professional Career

Damon Oates’ journey from being a licensed engineer in the oil and gas industry to co-founding DecoExchange is a testament to pursuing passion over traditional career paths.

Despite excelling in his engineering profession, Damon realized that it wasn’t a career he was truly passionate about. After thoughtful consideration, he made the bold decision to venture into entrepreneurship and start his own business.

Alongside his partner Parker Stelly, Damon co-founded DecoExchange, a company that specializes in crafting unique, handmade wreaths, garlands, swags, and centerpieces. The creative process of designing these products allowed Damon to combine his analytical engineering mindset with his artistic expression, resulting in high-quality, exceptional items.

What sets Damon and Parker apart is their commitment to their tagline: “pursuit of passion, not profits.” Instead of solely focusing on financial gains, they prioritize doing what they love and creating products that genuinely resonate with them and their customers. This dedication to pursuing passion has resonated with others, and their mindset is becoming a growing trend, inspiring more people to prioritize their passions in their careers and businesses.

Damon Oates’ success story showcases the importance of following one’s heart and seeking fulfillment in their chosen endeavors. It serves as a reminder that pursuing what you love can lead to both personal satisfaction and entrepreneurial success.

Damon Oates Achievements

Here are some of the achievements and contributions of Damon Oates:

  • Co-Founder of DecoExchange: Damon Oates is known for co-founding DecoExchange, a successful business that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, handmade wreaths, garlands, swags, and centerpieces.
  • Professional Online Coach and Engineer: Damon has established himself as a reputable professional in the coaching and training industry, leveraging his background in engineering and expertise in various sectors.
  • Successful Entrepreneur: Through his determination and pursuit of passion, Damon Oates has built a thriving business, gaining recognition for his creativity, quality products, and innovative approach.
  • Popular Podcast Host: Damon co-hosts the podcast “Makers Mean Business with Damon Oates and Parker Stelly of DecoExchange,” where he shares insights on business, creativity, and entrepreneurship with a wide audience.
  • Inspirational Figure: Damon’s journey from being an engineer to becoming a successful entrepreneur and coach serves as an inspiration to others who seek to follow their passions and pursue fulfilling careers.
  • Influence in the Online Crafting Community: Damon Oates’ business, DecoExchange, has garnered a significant following and influence within the online crafting and home decor communit

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