What is Zumiez Net Worth? Let Find How did They Evolve Their Business

Zumiez Inc. is a multinational specialty clothing store founded in 1978. It offers apparel, footwear, and accessories for young men and women, focusing on action sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.

The company has grown rapidly and is now publicly traded, with its headquarters in Lynnwood, Washington, and Richard Brooks as the current president and CEO.

Originally known as “Above the Belt,” it expanded with various stores in the Puget Sound area before adopting the name Zumiez and relocating its corporate office to Lynnwood in 2012.

Zumiez Information

Brand NameZumiez
FoundersThomas Campion and Gary Haakenson
Established In1978
ProductsApparel, Footwear, and Accessories
HeadquartersLynnwood, Washington United States
Operational AreasGlobal
Zumiez Net Worth$542.62 million (Last Updated July 2023)

Zumiez Net Worth

The current estimated net worth of James Murphy, an executive of Zumiez Inc., is approximately $542.62 million.

Zumiez Founders

The founder of Zumiez is Tom Campion. He co-founded the company in 1978 with his friend Gary Haakenson. Zumiez is a popular retail chain that specializes in action sports-related apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment.

It caters to skateboarders, snowboarders, and surfers, among other action sports enthusiasts. The company has grown significantly since its inception and has become a well-known name in the action sports retail industry.

Zumiez History

Zumiez was founded in 1978 by Thomas Campion and Gary Haakenson. Originally named “Above the Belt,” the first store was opened at Northgate Mall in Seattle, Washington. The company quickly expanded in the early 1980s, adding stores in various locations, including Everett Mall, Alderwood Mall, Tacoma Mall, and Bellevue Square.

In the mid and late eighties, the company continued to grow, opening stores outside of the Puget Sound area. During this time, the corporate name was changed to Zumiez. The company’s focus was on providing apparel, footwear, and accessories for young men and women, with a strong emphasis on action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross.

Over the years, Zumiez made significant strides in integrating digital and physical channels to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. The company’s approach of offering a wide variety of lifestyle brands and embracing the interests and passions of its young audience has contributed to its success as a leading global lifestyle retailer.

Zumiez has expanded its reach beyond the United States, acquiring Blue Tomato, a European specialty retailer, and Fast Times, an Australian specialty retailer. The company also operates through e-commerce platforms, making its products accessible to a broader customer base.

Today, Zumiez continues to be a prominent player in the retail industry, catering to the interests of young shoppers and reflecting changing trends in fashion, music, art, culture, sports, streetwear, and unique lifestyles.

Zumiez Stores

Zumiez Inc. operates a total of 726 stores worldwide. Among these, 608 stores are located in the United States, 52 in Canada, 54 in Europe, and 12 in Australia.

The company is a prominent retailer known for its focus on lifestyle brands and action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, and motocross.

Zumiez Store Design

Zumiez stores are characterized by an “organized chaos” theme, reflecting the dynamic lifestyles of many teenagers. With approximately 2,900 square feet of space, the stores are well-equipped with couches and action sports-oriented video game stations, encouraging customers to linger, interact with each other, and the store associates.

 The layout typically includes a sales floor, changing rooms, and a “skate shop.” However, the design may be adjusted to accommodate space limitations. The aim is to create a welcoming atmosphere where shoppers can spend more time exploring the merchandise and enjoying the overall experience.

Zumiez Store Items for Sale

Zumiez targets teens and offers a wide range of clothing items, including footwear, shirts, pants, and sporting equipment for activities like BMX biking, skateboarding, and surfing. Both men and women can find apparel from popular brands such as Vans, Burton, Obey, Teddy Fresh, and RipNDip, alongside private-label goods.

The store caters to all seasons, offering jackets and swimsuits. Zumiez also sells accessories like bracelets, watches, sunglasses, and stickers, providing a diverse selection of products for its young audience. A comprehensive list of brands available in-store and online can be found on their featured brands list.

Zumiez Stash

Zumiez offers customers the opportunity to sign up for the “Zumiez Stash” loyalty program. By enrolling, customers can accumulate points with each purchase made, both in stores and online. The Stash program rewards members with points for their engagement and shopping activities.

 These earned stash points can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise and unique experiences. The program allows members to enjoy special rewards and items that are exclusively available for purchase using stash points, providing added incentives for loyal shoppers.

Zumiez Accident

On January 25, 2014, a tragic incident occurred at Zumiez store located in The Mall in Columbia, Columbia, Maryland. A 19-year-old gunman, identified as Darion Marcus Aguilar, opened fire inside the store with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Two store employees lost their lives in the shooting, and the gunman took his own life. Additionally, five other individuals were injured during the incident. Police discovered extra ammunition and crude explosives in Aguilar’s backpack, all of which were later defused.

 The incident was a devastating event that had a profound impact on the community and the victims’ families.

Zumiez Foundation

Zumiez established a charitable foundation in 2002, aiming to make a positive impact on communities. Through this foundation, the company donates clothing to those in need in various regions across the United States. In 2012 alone, over 180,000 clothing items were generously donated to more than 180 different organizations nationwide.

 The foundation’s efforts have provided essential support to individuals and communities in need, contributing to a spirit of giving and compassion.

Zumiez Surprising Facts

Here are some surprising facts about Zumiez:

  • Founders’ Original Store: Zumiez was originally named “Above the Belt” when its first store opened at Northgate Mall in Seattle in 1978.
  • Rapid Growth: The company grew quickly in the 1980s, adding stores at various locations, including Everett Mall, Alderwood Mall, Tacoma Mall, and Bellevue Square.
  • “Organized Chaos” Theme: Zumiez stores are designed with an “organized chaos” theme, catering to teenagers’ lifestyles, featuring couches, action sports-oriented video game stations, and changing rooms.
  • Zumiez Stash Loyalty Program: Zumiez offers customers the “Zumiez Stash” loyalty program, where members earn points for purchases and can redeem them for exclusive merchandise and experiences.
  • Charitable Foundation: In 2002, Zumiez started a charitable foundation, donating clothing to those in need across more than 20 states in the United States.
  • Acquisitions: Zumiez has expanded its reach globally by acquiring Blue Tomato, a European specialty retailer, and Fast Times, an Australian specialty retailer.
  • Teen-Centric Offerings: The company focuses on action sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross, offering apparel, footwear, and accessories catering to young men and women.
  • Integration of Digital and Physical Channels: Zumiez has made significant investments in integrating digital and physical channels to provide a seamless shopping experience.
  • Extensive Brand Offering: Zumiez carries well-known brands such as Vans, Burton, Obey, Teddy Fresh, and RipNDip, along with private-label goods.
  • Sporting Equipment: In addition to clothing, Zumiez stores offer a range of sporting equipment, including BMX bikes, skateboards, and surfboards.

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