Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons Comes to Minecraft in new DLC

Dungeons & Dragons is coming to the blocky world of Minecraft! Minecraft has teamed up with the classic tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons and its publisher Wizards of the Coast to create an exciting new DLC pack. This D&D-themed add-on brings the fantasy adventure of D&D to Minecraft’s signature sandbox style.

The DLC includes iconic D&D locations, monsters, spells, and classes from the popular Forgotten Realms setting. Players will be able to pick classes like wizard or rogue, earn experience points, and roll dice to determine the outcomes of battles. The pack features an all-new quest log and inventory system tailored to the D&D ruleset. There’s also more voice acting than any previous Minecraft DLC to enhance the storytelling.

Image Credit: Mojang/Everbloom Games

According to Mojang senior producer Riccardo Lenzi, the story centers around your character’s mind merging with a golden dragon. This unusual partnership leads to funny banter and eventual friendship between the mismatched souls. The goal was to capture the core pillars of D&D – combat, exploration, and roleplaying – within Minecraft’s flexible world.

While this isn’t meant to be a full D&D simulation like Baldur’s Gate 3, the fusion of these two classic games makes sense. As Lenzi explained, both D&D and Minecraft encourage boundless creativity and adventure within their sandbox worlds. Wizards of the Coast encouraged the team to think of their IP as a playground, as long as they respected the spirit of D&D.

So gather your fellow adventurers, pick your class, and prepare to quest across the blocky realms of Minecraft like never before when this DLC launches. Just beware the Beholders and Creepers along the way!

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