Who is Angelina Cruz? Net Worth, Biography and Career

Angelina Cruz, is a renowned Instagram model and traveler. With a passion for fashion and modeling since childhood, she has garnered immense fame and attention for her captivating travel and modeling portraits. Angelina has become a notable figure in the social media world. Despite her rising popularity, she maintains a private personal life, keeping the focus on her remarkable career achievements and professionalism.


Full Name Angelina Cruz
Date of BirthSeptember 24, 2001
Birth PlacePhilippines
Nationality Filipinos 
Profession(s)Instagram Star
Angelina Cruz Net Worth$260k (Last Updated Aug 2023)

Angelina Cruz Net Worth

Angelina Cruz estimated net worth is approximately $260 k. Her successful career as an Instagram model and traveler, coupled with sponsorships and engagement from her 1.4M followers, has contributed to her financial achievements in the industry.

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Angelina Cruz Early Life

Born on September 24, 2001, in the Philippines, Angelina Cruz early life was marked by her burgeoning passion for modeling and fashion. This interest, evident from a young age, would become the driving force behind her later Instagram stardom.

Supported by her parents, including her father, an actor, and her mother, a TV actress, Angelina’s childhood was characterized by encouragement and support.

These formative years laid the groundwork for her eventual success as an Instagram model and traveler, where she gained fame for sharing captivating portraits of her journeys and fashion endeavors.

Angelina Cruz Career

Angelina Cruz career gained momentum as she transitioned from a passionate kid with a love for modeling and fashion to a prominent Instagram star. With an ever-growing following of over 1.4M on Instagram, she captivates audiences with her travel and modeling content.

Her journey from a young enthusiast to a recognized figure in the social media realm showcases her dedication and knack for engaging storytelling through her posts.

Despite her rising popularity, Angelina maintains a private personal life, allowing her professionalism and content to shine through as she continues to carve a successful path in the digital world.

Angelina Cruz Instagram Stardom

Angelina Cruz’s Instagram stardom has been nothing short of remarkable. With a follower count surpassing 1.4M, she has created a captivating online presence. Her posts, featuring stunning travel and modeling snapshots, have garnered significant attention and engagement from her audience.

Through her Instagram account, Angelina showcases her passion for fashion, modeling, and exploration, solidifying her status as a prominent influencer in the digital landscape.

Her ability to connect with followers and share her experiences has propelled her into the spotlight, making her a recognized and respected figure in the realm of social media.

Angelina Cruz Family

Angelina Cruz comes from a family with connections to the entertainment industry. Her father, Cesar Cruz, is an actor, while her mother also has a background in television acting. In addition to her parents, Angelina has two younger sisters named Samantha and Angel.

This family dynamic has provided her with a supportive and encouraging environment throughout her journey, contributing to her growth and success as a rising Instagram star and model.

Angelina Cruz Age

Angelina Cruz is currently 22 years old, born on September 24, 2001. Her young age has not hindered her ascent to Instagram stardom, where she has garnered a substantial following with her captivating travel and modeling content. Her passion for fashion and modeling has translated into a thriving online presence, making her a recognized influencer in the digital realm.

Angelina Cruz Passion for Modeling and Fashion

Angelina Cruz fervent passion for modeling and fashion has been a driving force in her life. From her early years, she displayed a strong interest in these areas, setting the stage for her eventual career.

This passion led her to become an Instagram sensation, where she shares her love for fashion and modeling through captivating posts that resonate with her growing audience.

Her dedication to these pursuits has propelled her into the spotlight and solidified her position as a notable figure in the world of social media and style.

Angelina Cruz Sponsorship and Income

With a substantial Instagram following of over 1.4M, Angelina Cruz has become an attractive choice for brand sponsorships. Brands pay influencers like her for each post they publish.

Her engagement rate of 7.80% on her most recent posts indicates strong interaction with her audience. As a result, her estimated average sponsorship fee ranges from $2,170 to $3,560.

This revenue stream, combined with her modeling pursuits and online presence, contributes to her net worth projection of approximately $260k. Angelina’s ability to monetize her popularity highlights her savvy in the influencer marketing landscape.

Angelina Cruz Facts

  • Birth and Origin: Angelina Cruz was born on September 24, 2001, in the Philippines.
  • Passionate Enthusiast: From a young age, Angelina exhibited a deep passion for modeling and fashion.
  • Instagram Stardom: She rose to fame as an Instagram star, captivating her audience with travel and modeling posts.
  • Family Connections: Angelina comes from a family with ties to the entertainment industry—her father is an actor.
  • Young Achiever: Despite her age, Angelina has achieved substantial success, amassing over 1.4M followers on Instagram.
  • Private Life: She keeps her romantic interests and personal life private, focusing on her career and professionalism.
  • Influencer Earnings: With a high engagement rate of 7.80%, she earns sponsorships, estimating between $2,170 to $3,560 per post.
  • Net Worth Projection: Angelina’s various income sources contribute to a projected net worth of around $260k.
  • Passion for Fashion: Her dedication to fashion and modeling shines through her Instagram posts, captivating her followers.
  • Influential Figure: Angelina’s rise in the influencer landscape reflects her ability to connect with her audience and carve her path in the digital world.


When was Angelina Cruz born?

Angelina Cruz was born on September 24, 2001.

How did Angelina Cruz gain popularity?

Angelina gained popularity as an Instagram star, sharing her travel and modeling content.

Does Angelina Cruz come from an entertainment background?

Yes, her father is an actor, and her mother has a background in television acting.

What is Angelina Cruz’s estimated net worth?

Angelina’s net worth is projected to be around $260k, considering her various income sources.

How many Instagram followers does Angelina Cruz have?

Angelina currently has over 1.4M followers on Instagram.

What is Angelina Cruz’s approach to her private life?

Angelina prefers to keep her private life, including romantic interests, away from the public eye, focusing on her career.

Who is Angelina Cruz?

Angelina Cruz is a young Instagram star and model known for her captivating travel and fashion posts. She has gained popularity for her content and has amassed over 1.4M followers on Instagram.

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