Who is Day Trading Addict? Net Worth and Revenue

Day trading, the art of buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day, has surged in popularity, enticing both seasoned investors and newcomers to the thrilling world of trading.

Amid this vibrant landscape, a guiding light emerges in the form of “Day Trading Addict,” an American YouTube channel that has captured the attention of over 610K subscribers within just four years.

Since its inception, “Day Trading Addict” has established itself as a premier destination for trading enthusiasts seeking knowledge, insights, and community in the ever-evolving realm of day trading.

With a diverse array of 204 meticulously crafted videos, the channel has become a hub for those yearning to navigate the complexities of the trading world.

Channel Name Day Trading Addict
FoundersBenjamin Williams
Channel Founding Date7 Aug 2019
Based InAmerican
Profession(s)Trading Enthusiasts
Day Trading Addict Net Worth$2 million (Last Updated Aug 2023)

Day Trading Addict Net Worth

With an impressive net worth of $2 million, Day Trading Addict stands as a lucrative and influential presence in the realm of online trading education. This thriving YouTube channel has captivated a substantial audience, underscoring its significance within the dynamic world of day trading.

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Day Trading Addict Revenue

Day Trading Addict generates its revenue primarily through advertising on its YouTube channel, with estimated earnings from ads amounting to approximately $390 per day, $2,730 per week, $11,700 per month, and $142,350 per year.

These figures offer insight into the channel’s ad-based income stream, although it’s important to acknowledge that the channel might also have other revenue streams, such as sponsored content and product sales.

As the channel boasts a subscriber base of over 610k and continues to upload content, its revenue potential could further evolve, showcasing its significance within the online trading education and content creation sphere.

Day Trading Addict Facts

  • YouTube Channel: Day Trading Addict is a prominent YouTube channel focused on day trading education and insights, boasting a subscriber base of over 610k.
  • Establishment: The channel was established four years ago, providing viewers with valuable content related to day trading strategies, market analysis, and investment tips.
  • Video Content: With a total of 204 uploaded videos, Day Trading Addict covers a range of topics categorized into Knowledge and Society, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of day trading dynamics.
  • Net Worth: As of the latest update, Day Trading Addict’s estimated net worth is $2 million, a reflection of its success and influence within the day trading community.
  • Revenue Streams: The channel primarily earns revenue through advertising, with estimated daily earnings of $390, weekly earnings of $2,730, monthly earnings of $11,700, and yearly earnings of $142,350.
  • Audience Growth: Day Trading Addict has demonstrated consistent audience growth, with an average weekly growth rate of 3.6% and a monthly growth rate of 14.8%.
  • Diverse Content: The channel’s content caters to both novice and experienced traders, offering insights into trading techniques, market trends, and risk management strategies.
  • Educational Focus: Day Trading Addict aims to educate its audience about the intricacies of day trading, helping viewers make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the financial markets.
  • Influence: With its substantial subscriber count and engagement, Day Trading Addict has established itself as a reputable source of information and guidance in the field of day trading.
  • Future Outlook: The channel’s steady growth and evolving content suggest a promising future, contributing to the education and empowerment of individuals interested in the world of day trading.


What is Day Trading Addict?

Day Trading Addict is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing insights, strategies, and education related to day trading. It offers a range of videos covering topics such as trading techniques, market analysis, and risk management.

Who is behind Day Trading Addict?

The channel is operated by a team of experienced traders and educators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field of day trading.

What kind of content does Day Trading Addict offer?

Day Trading Addict offers a diverse range of content, including tutorials on trading strategies, breakdowns of market trends, analysis of trading psychology, and discussions on the latest developments in the trading world.

Is Day Trading Addict suitable for beginners?

Yes, Day Trading Addict caters to traders of all levels, including beginners. The channel provides beginner-friendly content that explains foundational concepts and gradually progresses to more advanced topics.

How often is new content uploaded?

New content is regularly uploaded to the channel. Subscribers can expect a consistent stream of videos that cover various aspects of day trading, ensuring there’s always something new to learn.

Are there any additional revenue sources for Day Trading Addict?

While the primary source of revenue is advertising, the channel might also have additional income streams such as sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or product sales, which may contribute to its overall earnings.

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