KeyGlee Net Worth – How Much this Real Estate Franchise Earn?

KeyGlee is a real estate franchise offering a unique opportunity to specialize in sourcing undervalued houses and selling them at a profit. Founded on the principles of collaboration and support, KeyGlee aims to transform the real estate investing industry by creating a network of motivated individuals.

With a focus on off-market properties and a proven system, KeyGlee provides franchisees with the tools, training, and resources needed to thrive in the competitive real estate market. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the industry, KeyGlee offers a pathway to financial freedom and success.

Company NameKeyGlee
Established in 2016
Founder/CEOHunter and Jamil Damji
ServiceReal Estate Investing Industry
HeadquarterPhoenix, Arizona
KeyGlee Net Worth$215 million (Last Updated August 2023)

KeyGlee Net Worth

KeyGlee has achieved a remarkable net worth of $215 million, reflecting its significant impact in the real estate industry. Through its innovative approach and dedication to helping investors find off-market properties, KeyGlee has established a strong presence and solid financial standing, contributing to its impressive net worth.

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KeyGlee Founder

KeyGlee was founded by visionary entrepreneurs who sought to revolutionize the real estate investing industry. The co-founders, Hunter and Jamil Damji combined their expertise to create a network of support and change the way real estate deals are approached. With Hunter’s role as CEO and Jamil Damji mastery in real estate, they built KeyGlee into a national franchise, offering opportunities for financial freedom and success in the industry.

KeyGlee History

KeyGlee history is rooted in the collaborative vision of its co-founders, Hunter and Jamil Damji. Established with the aim of transforming the real estate investing landscape, KeyGlee was founded in 2016 as a response to the need for a new approach in the industry. The founders recognized the potential of working together with competitors to create a network of support and success.

Over the years, KeyGlee has evolved into a national franchise, expanding its reach across more than 100 US markets. The company’s focus on off-market properties and its commitment to integrity and love have made it a standout player in the real estate sector.

Through strategic partnerships, a dedicated team, and a unique approach to wholesaling, KeyGlee has grown to become a prominent name in the real estate investing world, providing both franchise owners and investors with valuable opportunities for growth and prosperity.

KeyGlee Services

KeyGlee offers a range of services to both buyers and sellers in the real estate market:

  • Buyers: KeyGlee simplifies the process of finding and purchasing investment properties. They provide access to off-market properties and offer a streamlined approach to identifying and acquiring deals.
  • Sellers: KeyGlee provides motivated sellers with a top-tier service to sell their homes quickly. Their experienced team of licensed realtors offers fair and honest offers for properties.
  • Franchising: KeyGlee offers franchise opportunities, allowing entrepreneurs to join their network and benefit from their established reputation and experience in real estate.
  • Training and Support: KeyGlee provides world-class training to franchisees, helping them get their business off the ground. They offer coaching on team building and provide ongoing support to ensure franchisees’ success.
  • Investment Opportunities: KeyGlee experienced team and extensive network give buyers more purchasing power with flexible options. They offer access to thousands of properties across various markets in the US.
  • Matchmaking: As a franchisee, your role is to match motivated sellers with interested buyers, leveraging KeyGlee network and resources.
  • Buyer and Supplier Relationships: KeyGlee corporate office cultivates relationships with buyers and suppliers, ensuring a steady flow of opportunities for franchisees without the need for extensive marketing efforts.
  • Real Estate Education: KeyGlee offers mentorship programs, such as “Astro Flipping,” where entrepreneurs can learn how to be successful in their own wholesaling business.

Overall, KeyGlee services aim to simplify the real estate investment process, whether you’re a buyer, seller, or aspiring franchisee.

KeyGlee Competitors

KeyGlee operates in a competitive landscape within the real estate investing industry. Some of its notable competitors include:

  • HomeVestors: A well-known franchise company specializing in buying and selling distressed properties.
  • We Buy Ugly Houses: Another franchise that focuses on buying and rehabilitating distressed properties for profit.
  • Express Homebuyers: A company that provides quick cash offers for properties in need of repair or facing financial difficulties.
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): These are companies that pool funds from investors to invest in real estate properties.
  • Local Independent Real Estate Investors: Independent investors who follow similar strategies to KeyGlee in sourcing and flipping properties.
  • RedfinNow: A technology-powered real estate company that purchases homes directly from homeowners.
  • Offerpad: A platform that provides instant cash offers for homes, allowing homeowners to sell quickly.

These competitors operate in various segments of the real estate investing market, and KeyGlee distinguishes itself through its collaborative approach, extensive network, and focus on off-market properties.

KeyGlee Achievements

Some of KeyGlee achievements include:

  • Establishing a National Franchise: KeyGlee successfully expanded its business model through franchising, becoming a recognized and respected name in the real estate investment industry.
  • Growing a Strong Network: The company has built a network of over 100 employees and spans across 100+ markets in the United States, demonstrating its significant growth and influence.
  • Offering Innovative Solutions: KeyGlee introduced a unique approach to real estate investing by connecting buyers and sellers, providing a platform for investors to access off-market properties.
  • Recognition and Impact: KeyGlee co-founder, Jamil Damji and Hunter has been recognized for his contributions to the industry and has even starred in the A&E Original Series “Triple Digit Flip.”
  • Positive Reputation: The company has garnered positive reviews from franchisees and investors, showcasing its commitment to providing valuable services and opportunities.
  • Creating Financial Opportunities: Through its franchise model, KeyGlee has enabled entrepreneurs to enter the real estate market with the support and guidance needed to achieve financial success.

KeyGlee Unknown Facts

Some Unknown facts about KeyGlee include:

  • Founder’s Background: Jamil Damji, one of the co-founders of KeyGlee, is an experienced real estate professional who has been in the industry since 2002. His expertise and knowledge have contributed to the company’s success.
  • Collaborative Approach: KeyGlee introduced a collaborative approach to real estate investing by working with competitors and creating a network of support and camaraderie within the industry.
  • Innovative Franchise Model: KeyGlee franchise model offers a unique opportunity for individuals to enter the real estate investment market without the need for extensive experience. The company provides training and support to help franchisees succeed.
  • Extensive Market Reach: With a presence in over 45 markets across the United States, KeyGlee’s network extends far and wide, allowing investors to access opportunities in various locations.
  • Focus on Off-Market Properties: KeyGlee specializes in sourcing off-market properties, giving investors an edge by providing access to deals that may not be widely available.
  • Positive Impact: KeyGlee goal is not only to achieve financial success but also to have a positive impact on the real estate investing industry by fostering collaboration, integrity, and support among investors.


What is KeyGlee main focus?

KeyGlee specializes in real estate investing, specifically sourcing undervalued houses and selling them for profit. The company offers franchise opportunities for individuals interested in entering the real estate market.

How does KeyGlee franchise model work?

KeyGlee grants single-unit franchises that allow licensees to operate under the KeyGlee brand. Franchisees benefit from KeyGlee’s expertise, training, and network to find and sell off-market properties.

What sets KeyGlee apart from other real estate investment companies?

KeyGlee stands out for its collaborative approach, working with competitors to create a supportive network within the industry. The company also focuses on off-market properties, giving investors access to unique opportunities.

Do I need prior real estate experience to become a KeyGlee franchisee?

No, prior real estate experience is not required. KeyGlee provides world-class training to help franchisees launch their businesses successfully, even if they are new to the industry.

How does KeyGlee help franchisees find buyers and suppliers?

KeyGlee corporate office has a dedicated team that generates and cultivates relationships with buyers and suppliers. They pass these connections along to franchisees, saving them the need to spend on marketing.

What kind of support can franchisees expect from KeyGlee?

KeyGlee offers ongoing support to franchisees, including coaching on hiring team members, access to a buyers list, wholesale connections, and overall guidance to ensure their success in the real estate investing business.

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