Who is Nancy Dufresne? Net Worth and Biography

Nancy Dufresne is a prominent American Pastor, Author, Religious Leader, and the esteemed President of Dufresne Ministries. With a wealth of experience in spiritual leadership, she has inspired countless individuals through her teachings and writings.

Known for her profound insights and unwavering faith, Nancy’s ministry has made a significant impact on the lives of many. Her dedication to spreading the message of hope and spiritual growth has earned her widespread admiration

Nancy Dufresne Biography

Full Name Nancy Dufresne
Date of BirthMarch 3, 1961
Age 62
Birth PlaceSouthwest Oklahoma
Nationality American
Profession(s)American Pastor, Author and Religious Leader,
Nancy Dufresne Net Worth$2 million (Last Updated August 2023)

Nancy Dufresne Net Worth

Nancy Dufresne, the esteemed American Pastor, Author, and Religious Leader, has accumulated a notable net worth of $2 million. Through her impactful ministry and inspirational teachings, she has touched the lives of many and continues to be a guiding force in the realm of spiritual leadership and personal development.

Nancy Dufresne Early Life and Education

Nancy Dufresne, born on March 3, 1961, had a humble upbringing in a farmer’s family. Despite growing up with five siblings in a small home, her parents provided her with all the necessary education. At the age of 10, she began taking piano lessons, igniting her passion for music.

Nancy completed her primary and high school education in Oklahoma before moving to Tulsa to graduate with a degree in piano performance from Oral Roberts University.

During her time in Tulsa, she was crowned Miss Oklahoma in 1982 and was a runner-up in the Miss America competition. It was also where she met her future husband, Dr. Ed Dufresne.

Nancy Dufresne Professional Career

Nancy Dufresne’s professional career revolves around her role as an American pastor, author, and religious leader. She has dedicated her life to serving in the ministry, spreading God’s message through her inspirational teachings and books.

As the President of Dufresne Ministries, she continues to impact lives, providing spiritual guidance and encouragement to individuals and communities worldwide.

Nancy Dufresne Husband

In the early 1980s, Nancy Dufresne’s life took a significant turn when she moved to Tulsa, where she met Dr. Ed Dufresne, a religious speaker and church minister of Dufresne Ministries.

Dr. Ed authored several holy books, including “How To Be Rich God’s Way,” “Praying God’s Words,” and “There’s a Healer in The House.” Nancy and Dr. Ed got married in a private ceremony in 1984, despite their age difference of over a decade.

Together, they pastored and traveled for 29 years, ministering to people and spreading God’s message. Tragically, in 2013, Dr. Ed passed away in a fatal plane crash near Darby.

Nancy Dufresne Family

During their 29 years of married life, Nancy and Dr. Ed Dufresne were blessed with two sons, Grant and Stephen Dufresne. As a devoted family woman, Nancy instilled in her children a deep understanding of Jesus and God’s message, encouraging them to serve in the ministry.

Her daughter-in-law, Morgan Dufresne, also embraced the church’s calling and became a pastor after marriage. Following Dr. Ed’s passing, Nancy assumed the role of President of the Dufresne Ministries.

Today, the entire family remains actively involved in the church, and it is believed that future generations will continue to serve and spread God’s message. Nancy enjoys the role of a grandmother in her loving family.

Nancy Dufresne Contributions

Nancy Dufresne has made significant contributions in the field of spiritual leadership and ministry. Some of her key contributions include:

  • Pastoral Work: As an American pastor and religious leader, Nancy has dedicated her life to serving and guiding her congregation, spreading God’s message, and providing spiritual support to those in need.
  • Authorship: Through her books on faith, spirituality, and Christian teachings, Nancy has shared her insights and wisdom, inspiring readers to deepen their relationship with God and live a life of faith.
  • Family Ministry: Nancy’s commitment to her family and their involvement in the Dufresne Ministries exemplify her dedication to passing down the legacy of faith to future generations.
  • Inspirational Speaker: Nancy’s public speaking engagements have touched the hearts of many, motivating and encouraging individuals to embrace faith, hope, and positive transformation in their lives.
  • Leadership: Following the passing of her husband, Dr. Ed Dufresne, Nancy assumed the role of President of the Dufresne Ministries, continuing their mission of spreading God’s word and ministering to people worldwide.
  • Community Impact: Nancy’s ministry has had a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and communities, providing hope, healing, and spiritual guidance to those seeking solace and direction.

Her contributions in these areas have touched the lives of many, fostering a deep sense of faith and spiritual growth among those she serves.

Nancy Dufresne Books

Nancy Dufresne has authored several books, primarily focused on spirituality, faith, and Christian teachings. Some of her notable books include:

  • “The Spirit of Faith”: This book explores the concept of faith and how it can transform lives, encouraging readers to develop a strong and unwavering faith in God.
  • “The New Covenant Unveiled”: Nancy delves into the New Covenant and its significance in the lives of believers, emphasizing the grace and redemption found in Jesus Christ.
  • “The Way of Faith“: This book guides readers on a journey of discovering and walking in faith, providing practical insights on applying faith to everyday life situations.
  • “The Power of Your Words“: Nancy explores the power of spoken words and their impact on shaping reality, highlighting the importance of using words wisely and positively.
  • “Growing in the Faith”: This book offers guidance on nurturing and strengthening one’s faith, encouraging spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God.

Nancy Dufresne Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Nancy Dufresne:

Ministry Involvement: Nancy Dufresne is an American pastor and a prominent figure in the realm of spiritual leadership. She is actively involved in the Dufresne Ministries, along with her late husband, Dr. Ed Dufresne.

Author: Nancy is an accomplished author, having written several books on topics related to faith, spirituality, and Christian teachings.

Family-Oriented: Nancy is a devoted family woman and has two sons, Grant and Stephen Dufresne. Her daughter-in-law, Morgan Dufresne, also joined the ministry and became a pastor after marriage.

Continuation of Ministry: Following her husband’s passing, Nancy became the President of the Dufresne Ministries, continuing their mission to spread God’s message.

Legacy: Nancy Dufresne’s influence extends beyond her immediate family, with a belief that future generations in the family will also serve the ministry.

Public Speaking: She is a skilled public speaker, known for her inspirational teachings and insightful sermons.


Who is Nancy Dufresne?

Nancy Dufresne is an American pastor, author, and religious leader known for her inspiring teachings and contributions to the Dufresne Ministries.

What books has Nancy Dufresne authored?

Nancy Dufresne has written several books on faith, spirituality, and Christian teachings, such as “The Spirit of Faith” and “The New Covenant Unveiled.”

What is Nancy Dufresne’s role in the Dufresne Ministries?

Nancy is an integral part of the Dufresne Ministries and serves as the President, continuing the ministry’s mission of spreading God’s word and providing spiritual guidance.

How has Nancy Dufresne impacted her community?

Nancy’s ministry has had a positive impact on many individuals and communities, offering hope, healing, and encouragement to those seeking spiritual support.

Is Nancy Dufresne involved in public speaking?

Yes, Nancy is a skilled public speaker, known for delivering inspirational sermons and teachings that motivate and uplift her audience.

How has Nancy Dufresne’s family been involved in the ministry?

Nancy’s family, including her husband Dr. Ed Dufresne and daughter-in-law Morgan Dufresne, have been actively involved in the Dufresne Ministries, carrying on the legacy of faith and ministry.

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